A folder disapeared after renaming


After I renamed a Nextcloud folder on my laptop from A to B, it disapeared and is nowhere to be found on my laptop or via the Nextlcoud web interface.

The folder A was shared with you by another user. When you renamed it on your laptop, it acted as if you unshared it. This definitely is a user experience bug because:

  • There is no message telling you the rename operation failed
  • There is no way for you to get the share back

To fix the problem the user who shared a folder with you must:

  • Rename the folder (this will also unshare it, although it still shows as shared)
  • Share the folder with you again

This is also works if the folder is shared with a group to which you belong.

There is one additional inconsistency that makes this problem disconcerting. If the folder B is shared with you and you rename B/E to B/F, it will work exactly as expected. In other words, renaming subfolders of a shared folder works as expected. Only renaming the shared folder is actually equivalent to refusing the share.


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The folder A has appeared again (very probably because I used a file formerly contained in this folder since it is the only file in this folder now). It overlaps the new folder B.

Could the owner delete it ?

Yes, I think your interpretation is correct. I removed the folder and verified you owned it. It was not a shared folder.