About the funding category


Transparent management of funds, for hosting, swag and more. Members of the funding team are @loic, @fpoulain.

Advertisement and call for proposals

  • The total amount of money in the Enough Community fund is announced every other month
  • The announcement must include a call for ideas to spend the fund. This is less formal that a request and encourages participation from people who are not active volunteers. It is made clear the volunteers are not expected to followup to avoid any kind of disappointment.
  • After two weeks the topic is summarized by a member funding team and closed.


All expenses are proposed and approved as follows:

  • Someone posts a message in the forum asking for funds to be released.

  • The request is discussed by active volunteers. A volunteer is a member of the Enough Community who does not receive any monetary compensation, either directly or indirectly for the work done on Enough. A volunteer is active if they contributed in a quantifiable way to Enough in the past six months.

  • Ideally there is a consensus between the volunteers. If at least one volunteer asks for a vote, it is organized in the form of a yes or no question. The winner of the vote is the one that gets the most votes.

  • After at least a week, a member of the funding team reviews the topic and either:

    • releases the funds as instructed if there are no objections or a
      vote decides in favor and adds a message to the topic; or
    • clearly explains why the funds cannot be released and what needs to be
      done before they can be released.
  • The topic is closed.

Enough hall of fame

July 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 12.00 € @loic
OVH Hosting 0.95 € @loic
OVH Hosting 2.23 € @loic
OVH Hosting 0.38 € @loic
OVH Hosting 2.06 € @loic
OVH Hosting 0.77 € @loic
Gandi 41,87 € @loic
Total 60,26 €


August 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 82,88 € (details 1 2) @loic
StickerMule 122,01 € (USD 116.81) @loic
printoclock 110,51 € @loic
StickerMule 47,20 € @loic
StickerMule 99.26 € @loic

Making t-shirts, stickers, stand banner & table cloth

September 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 87,06 € (details 86,05 € 1,01 €) @loic


October 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 89,41 € @loic


November 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 90,28 € (details 90,24 € 0,04 €) @loic


December 2018

What How much Who
OVH Hosting 89,11 € @loic