About the video recordings from the devroom


Hi everyone,

while reviewing the video for my YunoHost talk, I realized an important issue with the video recordings from the devroom :confused: They only contain the speaker view and no slides …

I then realized that the http://control.video.fosdem.org/ interface (for which i was responsible for, at least during the first third of the devroom) was not just meant to validate that the recording was going well, but also to select what kind of view (only slide, only speaker, slide + speaker in the corner, or vice-versa) was to be recorded … My assumptions was just that both the speaker stream and slide stream were both recorded, it was not so obvious to me that I had to choose this :cold_sweat:.

So, quite sorry about that, I feel pretty guilty.

To try to fix my mistake, I think I can manage to create an ffmpeg-based script to reencode videos with slides added (e.g. slides in fullscreen + speaker in one of the corner ?). For this, I think “just” having a PDF version of the slide + the list of time at which to switch to next slide should be enough ?

So e.g. :

00:00 [slide 1]
00:24 [slide 2]
00:32 [slide 3]
1:13  [slide 4]

I know that sucks a bit, but at least we should be able to have a version with slide which is a bit more meaningful than just seeing the speaker :s


It would also be interesting for the few conferences that had no slides because of configuration issues.

Contacts (email) of speakers can be find in the Pentabarf interface.


Uh so in fact I think I don’t have access to them because I wan’t in the selection comittee. Is there any chance that you could send them in PM ? :wink:

In the meantime, I was able to setup a working script to produce an output following the format of http://ftp.belnet.be/mirror/FOSDEM/2019/UD2.218A/chipsec.webm (slides as main view + speaker view in the corner)


I will send you the contacts via PM. Don’t beat yourself over this problem: we all do what we can :slight_smile:


Hi all, a little note to thank you all from your great work, more particularly @how with whom we have worked to reach activity pub developers, so that the final roundtable would happen.

It seems from our talk, not only the slides are missing but also the recording and the video, not really sure what the possibilities are to recover from this, and I think it is very problematic.

My only comment on this, is of course everyone did a lot, maybe even to much, and I feel maybe it would be needed to rethink the way the devroom is organised in order to have more time to attend the speakers, make sure speakers meet with the organisers and between themselves, make sure they have proper technical support, and that they feel comfortable to speak, make sure there is enough space for questions, if this means hosting 1 or 2 talks less I think it still needs to be considered.

In all cases lots of congratulations to you all and many thanks for all the great work

For the use of all I will post a report from the perception I had during my presentation, as a newcomer to this room, who was not informed about the ways things are organised, hopefully it will give food for thoughts for the next editions, comments welcome.

Decentralized debriefing of 2019 edition

@loic, I have already sent the contacts to @Aleks.


@natacha hi, it seems that ‘Organisational Processes in Decentralized Software’ video is now out (can’t check the link currently) :


yep, I I received a new message from the system, this morning, as
it was restaured, thanks for taking care of this.