ActivityPub Round Table


During the preparation of the proposal, we suggested an ActivityPub Round Table to bring more people on stage and see what different free software projects involved with ActivityPub could come up with.

@cwebber wished to collaborate but missed the deadline (in the end the proposal was submitted and accepted). Nevertheless I still think it’s important, given the adoption of ActivityPub and supporting projects (e.g., Contributopia) to have this discussion…

update: the round table was validated. Public info:

ActivityPub logo

To that avail we’re calling all ActivityPub editors, contributors, implementors to join the preparation discussion (not a public link yet) here (you can register and PM me, or PM me on Mastodon and I invite you here) so that the round table demonstrates a collective effort rather than the usual sequential pattern of round tables.

the Decentralized Internet & Privacy Devroom at FOSDEM 2019 is organizing an ActivityPub round table with the ActivityPub editors, promoters and implementors. They can participate in the preparatory phase even if they’re not going to be in Brussels for the upcoming FOSDEM edition.

There will be two phases:

  • during the month of January, as many actors as possible will gather online to discuss federation topics and select the stage for FOSDEM. This message grants you access to the online platform that is going to be used to prepare the event. It requires Internet access and a bit of time and will;
  • during FOSDEM, on Saturday at 18:00, the ActivityPub round table will gather selected people from the online phase to push the public discussion live and on record. It requires presence in Brussels for live participation, or a remote access for video streaming from the FOSDEM facilities.

During the first phase, actors of the ActivityPub federation will discuss the topics to be addressed during the round table, as well as help select who is going to be on stage. We want this to be a collective process involving as many people that have created the standards and are implementing code and the communities using it!