Ansible usage


After taking a look at Infrastructure repository, I see that most of the Ansible roles are written and maintained by Enough contributors for a wide range of services.

I’m suprised that this repository doesn’t rely more on external roles like the ones from DebOps project for example (because virtual machines use Debian).

  1. Is there is any reason for that ?
  2. I didn’t see any of those roles on, any reason too ?

Thanks for your answers.

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There are a few reasons why this happened:

  • After looking for a well maintained role, I could not find any (nextcloud)
  • After using a role it turned out to be too difficult (complex) to work with (bind)
  • I did not fully understand the software / concept and made the wrong decision (certificates)

No reason other than I did not see any upside in doing it. I’m sure this simple sentence will trigger an healthy debate and I’m looking forward to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Completely legit from my point of view.

Upsides I see are:

  • make your roles more visible to Ansible community (and get contributors that can help maintain these roles)
  • simplify usage of your roles by others using ansible-galaxy install enough_community.bind for example

Last point sound a key point for me for people that want to create community based on Enough.

Another reason about " I didn’t see any of those roles on, any reason too ?" can be the fact that Ansible bring a recent support for collections that allow you to store several roles in one Git repository ? Before, you have to store each role in dedicated repos.

100% with you regarding the upsides. To be honest I thought about it regarding the certificate role because I like that its usage is simple and covers using both letsencrypt (test/production) and ownca. If I had to choose one to start extracting and publishing roles, that would be the one. The Nextcloud role would be more work to turn into something that can be used outside of the Enough context (assuming nginx reverse proxy, assuming SMTP port 25 on the host, etc.).

Right! @pilou told me about collections but I don’t actually know much about them just yet. And since we’re into Ansible, upgrading from 2.7 to the latest stable would also be a good thing :stuck_out_tongue: