Applying the Enough logo



Note: we publish here for the last adjustments because this forum is still confidential.

Lama Younes designed a very nice logo, going as far as to integrate suggested from the community.

Here is the deliverable, for the record: (6.3 MB)


I resized the yellow PNG to fit the sizes requested by the forum wizard.

Lama, please let me know if I did something wrong :slight_smile:


Here is how it looks when at the top of a topic of the forum:

and when scrolling down:


I resized the yellow woodmark PNG to fit the website

  • 180x45 Yellow-180x45

And converted to 32x32 favicon.ico

  • 32x32 .ico Yellow-square


I used the Yellow woodmark PNG unmodified for the chat.


I used the same images as above for the GitLab instance


Bonjour Lama,

I think I need your help here :slight_smile: I tried to use the logo for, which is where the app is going to live. For that I would need a white SVG version of the logo that has dimensions that look like this logo. I tried to just export the yellow version in SVG and it works but, as you can see below, it is not pretty. How do you suggest we resolve this? I was thinking tilting the logo 45° maybe?



I did some bash prompt (I like it since it helps to discriminate between different clusters) but one may have some better ideas about how to render it using mono-spaced font.