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Decentralized Internet and Privacy

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Modern technology has given the powerful new abilities to eavesdrop and collect data on innocent people. Surveillance Self-Defense (as defined by EFF) relies on a range of Free Software tools to counteract this negative impact of massive surveillance. It is now a fundamental assumption about modern life that we are all connected. Almost everyone carries one or more electronic devices with us at all times. We will cover a range of topics around how to use FLOSS tools to help minimize the amount of information an individual leak while using their electronic devices. SSD doesn’t end with Tor Browser and Signal. For many people, activists and those living under tyrranical governments, SSD is a full time job. This devroom will additionally cover tactics one could apply to their day to day life.

The 2018 edition of the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom was very well attended and appreciated. Most talks had the room fully packed and the room was never less than half full.

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The following projects have interest in submitting proposals for presentations in our devroom, should we be accepted:


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  • Free Software contributors are given an opportunity to understand and participate to globally useful projects
  • The challenges can be explained to a very technical audience able to provide suggestions and ideas
  • Successful Surveillance Self-Defense needs to be provided by Free Software
  • Projects share a common goal and would get an opportunity to meet

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Loic is a full time volunteer, developer of the Enough project, helping HRD sources and journalists communicate securely and privately. He is also a member of the non profit.

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Fosdem 2019 devroom proposal

Thank you @loic for starting this.

Following up with the discussion on Mastodon with regard to ActivityPub, I propose to revise the original proposal to focus one day on privacy tools and the other one on ActivityPub and organizational means to facilitate the Fediverse, especially as it’s very present in continental Europe with many relevant projects. I mean to write something about it in the following days, knowing that the deadline is September 20th to submit the devroom proposal.

I also wish that the discussion is reaching out to more people interesting in taking charge of this year’s FOSDEM decentralized devroom.


There seems to be a consensus to move forward with a common Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom proposal. I created a category to discuss & organize. Really happy to get things moving :slight_smile: