B.S. 22/09/2020

Remote session focused on problem solving.

Fix problems (40min)

Schedule the next appointment


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The “solve problems” part is likely to take more than 15 minutes.

What part can we reduce then ?

I’m not suprised you found the meeting agenda and the one-on-one category :slight_smile: I’m still unclear if this can conveniently be used by everyone. It certainly is super useful for me to track the agenda of each training session. And you’re very welcome to add items as you did, depending one what your interests are.

I’ll make sure to notify you when I a new topic is created for our next meeting so you don’t have to look it up. The best way to find all the topics related to you is to look for B.S. in the title and in the one-on-one category.

The only part that should actually take time is the iframe mystery :slight_smile: