Bare metal backup service


In addition to the OpenStack backups, it would be useful to have a playbook that is based on burp for long term preservation, presumably on a bare metal machine for a lower cost.

@pilou I took a quick look at burp and it looks like the perfect candidate for Ansible roles indeed. Which ones do you recommend ? I found a few on Galaxy but nothing is better than the advice of someone with actual experience :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m ready to use such a role: I’ve just plugged a 5TB USB disk on a NUC installed this months, for this purpose :innocent:



You can also take a look at DebOps roles used for Backup.

There is a PR for Borg role (not to be confused with burp :wink: ) but it is still in progress.

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Oh, I like rsnapshot, I’ll take a look! Great idea.

It looks like the debops role for rsnapshot implements a layer with that is non trivial and new functionalities/conventions.

I’m going to use burp with this role . A significant part of my motivation to move in this direction is because @pilou authored the role.

For the record, here is the playbook based on burp that I’ll use from now on.