Bootstraping Enough and running a mail server



As discussed in the CLI proposal, Enough users must be offered migration paths to self-hosting. Someone with data on must be able to move to a brand new Enough instance. The user stories are:

  • As an organization supporting press freedom, I want to improve the privacy of my members by self hosting an Enough instance instead of relying on the resources provided and maintained by the people behind

  • As a member of the Enough community, I want to create because my goals do not meet a consensus and I want to move forward with my ideas and implement them in another context.

Currently the external dependencies of an Enough instance are:

Automating the interactions with each external dependency is an ongoing effort because there are zillion providers, they change all the time and the code interacting with them requires more attention whenever something changes or breaks.

We could remove one external dependency by running a mail server accepting emails as part of the essential services deployed when bootstraping Enough. There already is a postfix server but it currently is only configured to send mail on behalf of all hosts.

@fpoulain already wrote ansible roles to do receive mail and in his opinion the maintenance work is not too difficult. This is good news :slight_smile:

Unless someone has a better idea, I think implementing an incoming mail server as part of the Enough infrastructure is a sensible step to simplify the bootstrap process.

What do you think?