CHATONS membership and contributions


It’s been a year since Enough was accepted as a member of the CHATONS collective and during this time I actively participate in a number of activities, from reviewing submissions, answering requests in the forum, meditating the content of the forum, proposing amendments to the governance. This is a little time consuming and my current work makes it difficult to contributing in this way, at least for the year to come.

There has been recurring discussions in the collective about members that are inactive and the problems it entails when this is not clearly stated. I would not want Enough to be one of these silently inactive members and I propose the membership is paused until March 31st, 2022. That is unless someone is interested in acting in the name of Enough and keep the involvement alive, of course!

If nobody speaks up within two weeks, I’ll announce to CHATONS that Enough membership is paused.


It was graciously accepted in the thread below: