Checklist rendering in the forum



There exists a checklist rendering plugin for discourse and I wanted to use it for some time. It looks like it is no longer maintained. But … a discourse developer recently decided to pick up the maintenance.

I’ll revisit this in a month or two and install when the maintenance resumes. Unless someone think it is not worth the effort?



I’ve been using it. It’s a very nice plugin to have indeed.

Here’s a list of other interesting plugins to have:

Plugin Line to add to the container.yml Reason
discourse-voting - git clone Automates what we’ve been doing in #events:review-fosdem-2019
discourse-solved - git clone Enables support/FAQ style Q&A
discourse-assign - git clone Notify people when they must take action on a topic, giving them responsibility
discourse-saml - git clone Enables SSO with SAML
discourse-footnotes - git clone Add support for footnotes in Markdown!
discourse-policy - git clone Makes it easy to declare a policy and have members vow their support.
discourse-moderator-extension - git clone Enable moderators per category
discourse-details (included in core) Allows to hide some details behind a click
discourse-presence (included in core) Allows to display who’s currently online
discourse-events - git clone Handle Ical feeds for categories
discourse-encrypt - git clone WIP: enables private (E2E) messaging with the WebCrypto API

Yeah, that’s a bit longish…