#CIJ Summer Conference 2019


InfoSec Clinic

We expect good mix of both people working in large newsrooms and independent freelancers so the tools we recommend really depend on their particular environment and projects, of course.

It does get busy and we work on a drop in basis - so if someone comes up to you and you end up showing them how to install/use Signal, for example, we usually say to the other people on the table that I’m about to do a Signal install for encrypted messaging/VOIP on phones if anyone wants to join in.

Time slot Volunteer(s)
Thu. 4th, 09:00am 10:00am @dachary
Thu. 4th, 10:00am 11:00am @dachary
Thu. 4th, 11:00am 12:30am @dachary
Thu. 4th, 01:30pm 02:30pm @dachary
Thu. 4th, 02:30pm 03:30pm
Thu. 4th, 03:30pm 04:30pm @dachary
Thu. 4th, 04:30pm 05:30pm @dachary
Fri. 5th, 09:00am 10:00am @dachary
Fri. 5th, 10:00am 11:00am
Fri. 5th, 11:00am 12:30am @dachary
Fri. 5th, 01:30pm 02:30pm @dachary
Fri. 5th, 02:30pm 03:30pm @dachary
Fri. 5th, 03:30pm 04:30pm @dachary
Fri. 5th, 04:30pm 05:30pm @dachary
Sat. 6th, 09:00am 10:00am @dachary
Sat. 6th, 10:00am 11:00am @dachary
Sat. 6th, 11:00am 12:30am @dachary
Sat. 6th, 01:00pm 02:00pm
Sat. 6th, 02:00pm 03:30pm @dachary
Sat. 6th, 03:00pm 04:30pm @dachary
Sat. 6th, 04:00pm 05:30pm @dachary

General information about the event

Registration page for the event and other general purpose information


Unfortunately Fabio won’t be able to attend. He was the provider of the 4G hotspot last year, we need to find a replacement :sweat_smile:


TL;DR, based on last year experience, I think we would be all set with:

  • Two tables
  • Two A3 of each poster
  • A spare laptop able to run tails and a Tails USB key
  • A 4G wifi hotspot with a 10 / 20 GB SIM (mostly useful to download & install the tor browser, thunderbird, enigmail)

I reviewed the posters, checked all URLs and I think they are good to print. The A3 format that was used last year worked very well. Two of each (one for the tables, one to display on the walls) was exactly right.

It is useful to have one spare laptop able to run Tails, for demonstration purposes: we used it a few times. It was however not a good idea to create Tails USB keys: it turned out people did not really need them. Either they already knew about Tails and had their own. Or they just discovered it and the USB key would have been quickly lost.

The documents ( Information Security for Journalists, Safety and Security, Risk Assessment ) were mentioned and sometime people asked for the URLs but I don’t think anyone was actually interested to go through the printed material during the conference.


Fabio mentionned the CryptoParty handbook (added to the list of documents in the description). It would be nice to have a few for people to browse and/or take with them.


@tom great news about the t-shirts :slight_smile: I need an XL if possible?


Think almost everything is now ready for the InfoSec Clinic:

  • Posters printed (2 of each - 1 set A3, 1 set A2 (hope that’s alright?))
  • Cryptoparty LDN Booklet - 50 copies printed (A5)
  • Infosec for Journalists handbook - going to print tomorrow (how many do we need?)
  • Rory Peck Risk assessment docs - going to print tomorrow (how many do we need?)
  • Wifi is set up - ID: CIJ, P/W: CIJTR@ININg1
  • T-shirts - I’ll bring over, one XL for you @loic, have a range of other sizes, so anyone else wants to specify I’ll bring, otherwise I can bring a selection!
  • Will also bring the Cryptoparty lightbox we used at the Symposium in Oct.
  • Laptop - have a Linux Mint machine that can be used to demo
  • Tails USBs x 2 - will be cut fresh next week

Am I missing anything?


I think this is all we need :slight_smile: Regarding Infosec for Journalists handbook and Rory Peck Risk assessment docs two to five should be enough, IMHO.