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Enough Community presence

@loic will be around every day, and presenting Enough Saturday 25th, 11:21

General information about the event


A lightning talk about Enough (8mn) could be accepted. There won’t be enough time to squeeze all the informations but I’m hopeful we can at the very least communicate the idea that using Enough as a replacement for DropBox or WeTransfert is a good first step. The organizer with whom I discussed today thought it would be a good fit.


The lightning talk was accepted :tada:. I’m listed as a speaker but the schedule was not updated yet.


Here is the first draft of the slides. I rehearsed them and it is a bit messy. Next attempt tomorrow.


@veronika @fpoulain @Swarthon would you mind to be listed as members of the Enough Community on the last slide?


hello, I would not mind at all !

also, if you want to rehears in front of a real person, always available :slight_smile: the presentation looks terrific, and also contains a couple of useful links and keywords I am likely to find inspiring for the white paper :wink:


Here is the final version of the slides. I’ll upload them to the NextCloud conference web site


Schedule is published and the Enough presentation is Saturday 25th, 11:21. Contrary to what was announced, the talk must be 5mn. Not 8mn.


I’m sorry, that I haven’t replied. I haven’t seen the notification.


The video of the Enough presentation was published. Yeah!