[devroom-managers] Expenses and equipment for devrooms


FOSDEM provides devrooms with a room including projector, website
schedule and publicity, and equipment for live streaming and recording
of talks.

Devrooms do not receive any funds from FOSDEM - no expenses are
reimbursed, not for organisers and not for speakers.

If a dev-room has its own sponsors to help fund speakers, a dinner or
whatever, does that clash with any obligation of exclusivity to FOSDEM’s
official sponsors?

The general rule is: ask us before considering entering into any such
arrangements so that everything remains above board and any conflicts
can be avoided.

The sort of thing that is OK and normal, is for reputed companies or
organisations working in the field covered by the devroom to underwrite
certain costs associated with the devroom and to handle this through
their own process of reimbursement on production of receipts.

On the other hand, what is not OK is for an individual involved with the
organisation of a devroom to solicit or handle a lump of ‘sponsorship’
money as personal funds through a personal bank account.

Devrooms must also not serve food or drink to visitors.