[devroom-managers] Pentabarf notes


Once you’ve selected your talks in a few weeks, you’ll need to publish

  1. The website is generated from the data in pentabarf.

A script runs automatically about every 10 minutes at the moment
(and continuously nearer the event when we are making lots of updates).

Once there are events, you’ll see when it was last updated near the
bottom of

Note that the data gets pulled from the database slightly before
this timestamp is generated - sometimes a few minutes before.
If nothing on this page changed, the date won’t be updated.
https://fosdem.org/2019/sitemap.xml shows the last modified
date for every page on the site.

  1. For an event to appear on the website you need:
  • ‘Event State’ to be ‘accepted’
  • ‘Progress’ to be ‘confirmed’ or ‘reconfirmed’.
    (It’s up to you whether or not you want to use the reconfirmed
    state to mean anything different from confirmed.)
  • ‘Public event’ to be ticked on the Schedule tab.
  1. SLUGs

Please set the ‘Slug’ on the ‘General’ tab to a unique short and memorable
string (without spaces or non-ASCII characters) based on the title of
the event. The URL generated for the event is then:
Please group them together by putting a short devroom
prefix on them all, e.g.

Pentabarf does not currently detect if a speaker has been allocated two
slots that overlap so do watch out for that!