[devroom-managers] Pentabarf starting point



Use this to view and review proposals assigned to your devroom track.

  • you can add ratings and remarks

Use these fields for your workflow:
Event state

Ultimately, all ‘events’ in your devroom track either need to be
rejected, or accepted and (re)confirmed.

Obviously, don’t change the state of events in other tracks.

Slug is the unique identifying string for the talk that will be used in
the generated URLs of accepted talks.

If you can’t see what to do, ask on this list.

Please don’t change the tracks assigned to any Main Track / Keynote /
Lightning Talks at this stage as we have not reviewed them yet and it’s
only fair that we consider them under the track that the submitter
selected before considering transferring them to a different track.

(And we won’t object if any of you help us out by adding your own review
comments or scores to events in these tracks as long as you are being
reasonably objective and not just giving your friends’ talks top scores!)