[devroom-managers] Timekeeping - please aim for perfection!


Considering the size of the event, the desire of some people to switch
between tracks, the live video streaming and the need for easy video
cutting and review all together, it is absolutely essential that every
room keeps strictly to time.

No talk may start early, for any reason - not even 10 seconds early,
please. Wait for the new minute to begin! If you have an unexpected
gap, fill it with Q&A or discussion or ad-hoc lightning talks from your
audience. Make sure the timepiece being used is synchronised.

Discuss what time signals speakers need, and be prepared to cut them off
politely if need be so that the next speaker will be able to begin on time.

The published start times of talks must be adhered to.

If a speaker starts late for any reason, you should politely inform them
that this means they just have less time to speak or to take questions
and may need to go faster or to cut out some material.

Talks need to finish in sufficient time for people to leave/enter the
room and for the next speaker to be set up and ready to start on time.

If time is tight, the next speaker can set up their laptop during the
Q&A of the previous speaker.

The final session in each room - including any Q&A - MUST finish by 7pm
on Saturday or 5pm on Sunday.

Thank you for your co-operation!