[devroom-managers] What to do when your room at FOSDEM is full - ud2218a(Saturday)


Dear FOSDEM 2019 devroom manager,

Your room might fill very quickly during the upcoming FOSDEM conference.
Please indicate this clearly by doing BOTH of the following whenever the
state of your room changes:

  1. Switch the printed open/full sign on the outside of your room into
    the right position.

  2. Set the room status online for ud2218a(Saturday) id=2f797151fe1d8e48

Because people might use the online status to decide whether or not to
walk over to your room, you might choose to anticipate what is about to
happen by changing the online status a couple of minutes early. For example
set it to full when it is almost full, and to open slightly before the
end of the session if there’s no queue outside and you expect enough
people to leave at the end.

The room status is available to app developers and can be seen here, for
example as a green tick or red exclamation mark on the right.


Kind regards,

The Devroom Team