Devroom proposal


The proposal looks good to me. I will proofread it tomorrow one last time and then submit it. Unless someone has an objection or last minute fix?


Hey - just wanted to say from that we’d definitely apply to talk again in this year’s Decentralised Internet & Privacy Dev Room; especially as we should have finally shipped a 1.0 of Matrix by then, and will have lots of news about the final UX for E2E encryption (cross-signing, device verification, encrypted key backups), the reworked State Resolution merge-conflict resolution algorithm that forms the basis of 1.0, and loads of news on entirely new clients (Seaglass, gomuks), servers (Construct), and bridges (Discord, WhatsApp) etc. We can also talk about what the French Government has done with Matrix (so far having rolled out 15 clusters, one per ministry, with the expectation of scaling up to 35 clusters and accounts for every Government employee in France).


Maybe add a few words on EU Copyright Directive, etc. since the situation has changed a bit and might be benefit decentralized networks… Otherwise I’m way too occupied and tired to wrap my head around it.


Great to hear! I’ve edited the proposal accordingly :sparkles:


Although there are only six participants to the poll, the outcome suggests asking for a bigger room is the way to go. Let’s do that then! The special requirements section was already edited to ask for a bigger room and I just updated.


I like the idea to not ask for two days in the Preferred slot section because:

  • It states a clear preference for Saturday
  • it expresses the volunteers are ready for a two day devroom


I added the following: This month, again, copyright laws have been modified to leverage the centralized Internet giants and better control their users. Feel free to edit with a better/more inspired version :slight_smile:


For the record, the projects that were contacted to this day and their response (or lack of response). I’ll trim the one that did not answer from the proposal.


The devroom proposal was submitted, here is the confirmation mail for the record. proposal.eml (6.6 KB)

Next deadline is September 30th. Even if the devroom is declined, it was a great experience to prepare this proposal and get to know so many motivated volunteers :slight_smile:


Regarding news to tell between two conferences… I think that after a conference, those whom stay and those whom go need to relax a bit. So it may interest only the newcomers (and according to a door experience, it’s less than a quarter if the precedent speaker was ok).

So I think it will be annoying for the non newcomers, and quite arsh for the news-reading speaker whom won’t get so much attention.

Having the news ticking on the screen, instead of spoken would be the way to go for me. Those whom can will get them, and it’s easier to ignore for the tired ones.

Else, news can be added in the opening and closing keynotes, and why not in official flashes in the middle (but when everyone is sat and listening).

Regarding round tables, it usually discusses politics and abstract matters, slowly (talkers loosing time to sync between them, trying to be all-friends)… Having no round-table could be amended, but I feel that the FOSDEM is a place where you find direct, concrete, technical presentations of existing stuff, not blur statements of “what should be done”.


Thank you for taking the time @loic. I’m looking forward to keep this going!

Well, it was said and repeated that FOSDEM has lost a lot of its interest since it does not discuss so much politics anymore. Regardless, I have a problem with the one-to-many format, especially in a devroom where developers are supposed to take advantage of meeting in person once a year (for many) to actually do something together and take collective decisions that can affect the development of their software and communities. Besides, the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom is, by definition, a political space, and one that requires profound thinking since developer power in this arena is huge, and, comparatively, free software developer agency lacks, to say the least.


Duh, forgot to mention Retroshare and others. But well…


Would be really nice to have a speak about what’s going on around ActivityPub and the army of project that started to implement it. From the top of my mind: Funkwhale, Plume, Peertube, and Socialhome.


Now that it’s too late we can came with good ideas :-p

We might have ask for two rooms… one for presentations, and another one for informal discussions about our subjects, around the presentations.
Something like LQDN’s tea-house at CCC ? We might have to hack some existing FOSDEM concepts to obtain this. It might resemble the PGP signing parties from the FOSDEM point of view (it requires a dedicated place not set for lectures but to rest, and meet (somewhere else than the unique and loud bar, still protected from cold and rain).


This would certainly work better as a round table, followed (or preceded) by a workshop between project maintainers focused on the protocol, implementation difficulties, missing concepts, etc.

It’s not too late! We still have to craft a CFP, and the more we discuss what we want in advance, the better chances it has to attract the right people. I like the idea of a more relaxed chill-out space to think together and come up with some plans that we can then promote to the public and investors (think: EU and public funding, crowdfunding rather than VC). Isn’t it what Contributopia is about?

I also think it’s good “to hack some existing FOSDEM concepts”. The event is very well oiled, but should be able to take in some… er… innovation. :smirk:


We can have some kind of tea house in front of the room


I like that idea and very much agree that having someone on stage in between would be a little much. My idea was not great after all but yours might :wink:


cweber will propose a talk and recruit speakers. His idea was, originally, to propose a devroom. I’m hopefully there will be a number of submissions.


There are room that would allow for that, I think. Not in H but in W maybe. It’s too late to add that to the proposal but we can maybe negotiate when/if the room is accepted.


Beware with acoustics. Most often people don’t stay in the corridor because they can’t hear each other.