Devroom proposal


Still waiting for the FOSDEM decision :wink: Quoting the IRC channel:

dachary: it’ll be delayed a bit while we sort out the admin (people involved have a busy schedule this week) - decisions are made


The topic of the IRC channel reads:

ETA before October 12th

Let’s be patient then :slight_smile:


tap tap tap…

Yesterday a bunch of people met at, in the historical place of the HSB to celebrate 10 years of hackerspace in Brussels. We had a fantastic discussion and figured that we could reactivate our local network to sweep up and start anew on a stronger foot.


Soooo, was the room accepted? I think they informed the accepted ones today, according to IRC:

accepted devroom mails are sent, the declined ones will be delayed…

If no mail, I guess no room :confused:


I received a mail sent to the devroom mailing list today and it shows:

Subject: [devroom-managers] List of devrooms for 2019

1 Decentralized Internet and Privacy

and I assume it means we’re in :slight_smile: I’ll wait for the individual mail to confirm. Am I being over cautious?


The final list of devrooms was published yesterday