Enough Community Code of Conduct


The Enough Community has a Code of Conduct which is copied from the OpenStack Code of Conduct with minimal name substitutions. I did this unilaterally because there are a few of us right now. If however you have reservations about using this Code of Conduct, please speak up.

The rationale for using this code of conduct is because I know the OpenStack community and that if it is good enough for the thousands of people involved, I assume it is good enough for a new community such as Enough. I also know from experience that writing a Code of Conduct is hard work and requires an attention to details that will keep someone busy during weeks. This is the rationale for the recent efforts to write generic code of conducts. I hopeful it will be field tested in the years to come.

The Enough Community is unique because it is horizontal and this has an impact on what how effective the Code of Conduct ultimately is. I tried to explain how horizontality relates to the Code of Conduct.