Enough joined CHATONS this week


The application to CHATONS submitted a few months ago was accepted this week and Enough is now part of the collective.

Journalists and Human Right Defenders need the right technical tools to be independent but they also need a community of technical people willing to help. Although Enough is unique because it focuses on their needs, it is one instance of a larger movement working toward a decentralized internet. Dozens of similar projects, providing the same tools as Enough, are also part of CHATONS.

If you’re using Enough and for some reason the answer you’re looking for is missing, you are strongly encouraged to reach out to other CHATONS members. For instance, say you’re self hosting Enough within a VPN, using Mattermost and Nextcloud with the members of your organization to ensure the confidentiality of documents and conversations. It would also be convenient to use Mattermost and Nextcloud with people who do not have access to the VPN because:

  • They are not willing to setup the VPN, or
  • The communications and documents cannot be restricted to the VPN (a press release, for instance, will eventually be public)

In that case it may be acceptable to not self-host these services and rely on a member of the collective instead. Browsing the list of CHATONS, you will find that:

  • Framasoft provides a Mattermost instance.
  • CHAPRIL provides a Nextcloud instance

If the problem you’re facing is not that simple, it may also be helpful to start a discussion in the CHATONS forum.


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