Enough roadmap


I tried to find a roadmap regarding Enough infrastructure without success.

I would like to suggest creation of a roadmap in Enough’s documentation. That way, any new contributor can know which is the current guideline of the project (like exploring k3s as mentioned in OpenStack choice post).

There is no roadmap indeed.

Good idea! And we could use the list of issues to get inspiration (or remember things that were forgotten :wink: Since Enough does not have employees and is volunteer based, it is difficult to predict who will do what. And therefore even more difficult to predict what will happen and when. But a first roadmap could simply be a set of goals with no specified timeline. It is useful to know how much progress was made on a given goal and I’d like to find that in a roadmap too.

Here is an example roadmap to illustrate what I’m proposing. This is just an idea I had this morning: don’t hesitate to criticize (or say it’s not what you had in mind at all).

Goal 2020 Q1 2020 Q2 2020 Q3
Kubernetes @dachary & @pilous explore k3s/k8s Using k8s with Enough is a complete refactor, there is no plan to go in this direction
OpenStack CI Add integration tests to the CI Abandon adding integration tests to the CI
Docker CI Use Docker to run the CI Broke Docker CI when implementing backup restoration and upgrade tests
Molecule Use molecule for integration tests Replace molecule with tox


It’s not much of a roadmap to be honest :scream_cat: but it would help a newcomer figure out who’s going in which direction. However… since there are very few of us another way to figure that out could also be to ask. I can only answer for myself and here is what I have in mind. I’m unsure exactly what I will actually do. It depends how much time I’ll have, how motivated I’ll be and how interactions with other people will go.

In other words, my main areas of interest in the following months are interactions, user research, MOOCs and development (in no particular order).

Of course, Enough being horizontal and all, every participant is expected to have a different views, goals and roadmap for how they engage with it :slight_smile:


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Completely agree !

That’s enough on my side.

After thinking a bit, I wonder if roadmap should be only specific to infrastructure.

Other topics you mentioned after are more general. Maybe we could try to define a general roadmap that covers all of these topics.

Hum, you’re right. I’ll give it a shot later today so you can tell me how relevant that can be.

Next part of this topic: My infrastructure roadmap

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