Exporting emails conversation from evolution to a pdf file

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Someone could help by giving me the instructions on Ubuntu to create a pdf file from mails exchanges in evolution ?

I would like also to put the attachments with the emails conversation on the pdf file.

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You can right click on the mail, select print and print it as a file (it will be a PDF) instead of sending it to an actual printer.

The attachments will be included, exactly as you would have them on a printed version of the mail. However, if there are documents that cannot be displayed inline (such as word processor documents), they will not be included and you will have to print them separately.

I’m not aware of a way to print all selected mails and all printable documents they contain. I’ll do some research because that could be convenient.

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Thanks you so much master,

I’ll follow the instructions and get back to you if i have any problems with the attachments !

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This interesting article research various solutions and looks promising. It would make sense to:

  • Save the selected emails into a mbox file (right click => Save as mbox)
  • Run a script to convert all of it into a large PDF file

:red_square: The email2pdf script does not handle more than one mail at a time and the installation is strange. I tried to convert a single mail with an attached image and it ignored the image.
:red_square: The suggested solution on gnome fails miserably (blocks Evolution).
:red_square: The mbox2pdf perl script has a very long list of requirements that are unprecise. I did not have the courage to install all of them: the script itself has not been maintained for years and chances are it will not work anyways.
:red_square: Piler has lots of features and maybe the ability to convert to PDF, but it is unclear.
:red_square: systool is a proprietary tool: the last thing anyone in their right mind wants is a proprietary software going through their emails
:white_check_mark: Thunderbird has an extension that is able to print all selected files in a directory, in PDF format.

  • Run Evolution
  • Select all files
  • Save as mbox
  • Run thunderbird
  • Install the import export tools ng
  • Import the mbox in a dedicated folder to not make a mess
  • Select all mails in the dedicated folder
  • Right click => Save as => PDF => Documents/pdfmails
  • The Documents/pdfmails folder contains a PDF file for each mail

@AlexMla In case Thunderbird is not your default mailer, it will require that you configure a email account or it won’t start. You do not need (and should not :wink: ) to use your email account. To keep Thunderbird happy you can use a@gandi.net and click the Done button. Of course that won’t allow you to read the mail of this account but that will allow you to get past the initialization step and install the extension.

@AlexMla sometimes when printing via cups-pdf the generated files are just white pages. I still don’t know what’s causing this but it seems related to the (remote) content of the email.
In these cases, as @loic said, you can use “print to file” instead of “cups pdf” which is less comfortable but it always work.

Be aware of this issue before deleting an email that you think was rendered (printed) correctly

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