I'm a volunteer, what can I do to help?


Here is a list of things a volunteer could do to further Enough and help organizations using it. I listed a few tasks that I find attractive: their require a very specialized skillset and are unlikely to be a match. And other tasks that are easier and suited for beginners who want to become familiar with Enough.


  • Develop a MOOC for Nextcloud on the Open edX plateform. Although the Nextcloud documentation is complete, there is no MOOC for the newcomer to learn the basics (except for one section in a larger MOOC). It would be useful to new staff members working for non-profit when Nextcloud is the tool of choice and they never got the chance to use it before.
  • Setup a Mailtrain instance to send the example newsletter. This is an experiment to evaluate if it is a viable alternative to phpList, sympa or mailman.
  • Help an organization who would prefer to use Mastodon rather than Twitter. After understanding how Twitter is used and how much of the audience depends on it, baby steps would be proposed to gradually lower the dependency towards Twitter and increase the Mastodon presence. Is it better to install a Mastodon instance? If not, which one should be chosen? What are the criterion? Which client to use? Which publication strategy will yield the best results?

Good first step

Does that sound sensible? Any remark?

And how to link Twitter and Mastodon when you want to use both ?

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Here are a few tasks to get involved:

Mise en place d’un compte Mastodon et lien avec Twitter
Insertion d’une règle @font-face dans un code html
Automatisation de la newsletter
Traduction du site Internet