Is there a command to list users?


In the list of commands there does not seem to be a way to list the existing users. How can this be done ?

A feature request was added. It may be the case that it can be done with a django command but recent answers to this question suggest there is no simple way to do that. In the django admin panel, there are pages to manage users: it may be the simplest way to do that, provided it is possible to access the admin panel from a psono installation.

It shoudl be possible to use dbshell, unfortunately there is an error:

(eǝ) debian@/srv/psono$ docker-compose run server python ./psono/ dbshell
Starting psono_postgres_1 ... done
CommandError: You appear not to have the 'psql' program installed or on your path.

Here is a workaround querying the database directly:

(eǝ) debian@:/srv/psono$ docker-compose exec postgres psql -U psono -c 'select username from restapi_user'  psono
(2 rows)