Learning platform



An important goal of Enough is to provide ways for journalists and human right defenders to learn about security concepts such as two factor authentication, tor, etc. For instance the Holisitic security guide released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 could be converted into an Open edX course, with quizz and self evaluation.

There are a few options for hosting an Open edX instance:

Which option would be best?


Although fragile because new, I lean towards Tutor because:

  • It targets the latest Open edX release (Ironwood) and it will be a while before there is a pressing need to upgrade (and therefore face the problem undetected by the absence of testing)
  • It is designed to use only limited resources and deploy the minimal set of services and Enough does not need more than the learning module and the studio to design courses
  • It is designed to simplify the deployment steps (compared to all other deployments)

A corresponding issue was created.

@veronika this is the first technical step to allow the creation of courses within Enough.