Licensing the Enough logo

Bonjour @lama,

We forgot to discuss the licensing of the logo. It is your work and you get to decide. The goal is to distribute the logo in every release of Enough which is a Free Software released under the AGPL license. It would be fine if you decide to publish the logo under the same license (i.e. AGPL), of course. But it would also be fine if you decide to publish the logo under a compatible license.

Please let us know what is your preference.

For the record: the deliverable permalink with the license is in the artwork repository

Hello Loïc, happy Monday!

I read through your email. Sure! However I’m not very familiar with licensing logos. Do you mean like a TM or LL?


In the case of the Enough logo, I do not intend to register a trademark. The Enough Community is horizontal and I’m not sure how that could work anyway.

From a legal standpoint, you hold the copyright of the Logo because you created it. Since you decide to license it under the AGPL, it enables everyone in the Enough Community to incorporate the logo in the Enough Software and the associated websites (forum, chat, lab, etc.).

This is all we need: thank you so much :slight_smile:

Wohoo. Yes yes. I allow you to use it in your software. Haha. Best of luck!

On that note, I have not forgotten about you. Putting together a cool pdf explaining the logo creation. Hopefully it will serve as a nice pitch deck. Happy Summer and talk soon!

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