Making t-shirts, stickers, stand banner & table cloth



It would be great to have Enough t-shirts, stickers, a stand banner and a table cloth, for when we organize a Enough booths or just go to events. I would be happy to organize and find funding to make those. But have no clue how to get a good design. The stickers are easiest because some already exist and a file with the design is sitting somewhere: it’s not a matter of creating one :wink: But the rest…







These stickers will be a little too big (9cm long). But that’s better than no stickers at all :slight_smile:


I once had a banner printed at an online shop ( in Germany - took about two weeks, was around 75€ and is very solid. we should mainly discuss size, but I am happy to take care of the process. will meditate on tshirts; not sure I understand what you mean with table cloth ?


It is not uncommon for conferences to allocate a table to a project. Maybe table cover is a better name for it? Something like:


@veronika @loic FYI, the one I was mentioning that we used is which seem similar to . The quality was also good, although it was printed in the US, so it can make sense to take the option closer to you. (Although they do seem to have a German branch.)

Btw, table cloths are a little bit kitsch ;p


Hey! I vought my Roll Up Banners from rollsup. You can get 15% Discount if u click “Reseller Account”. Hope u will save some Money for X-mas.