Migrating api.enough.community to gitlab-host


After this merge request lands, I would like to migrate api.enough.community (used for development only) to gitlab-host instead of its own host (currently api-host). Because it’s mostly idle and even when active it uses a tiny fraction of the VM.


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The migration is complete. It’s a simple case because there is no data at all. It was done by changing the api-service-group host group to be gitlab-host instead of api-host and running enough --domain enough.community playbook.

The api-host was then decommissioned. Since it was created long ago, it cannot be deleted using enough host delete api-host (because it has no stack. I manually deleted it from ~/.enough/enough.community/inventory/hosts.yml and added a reminder to delete it later this month. It won’t cost more because it is billed monthly and I always feel a little better when the deletion is delayed, just in case I forgot something.