Migrating chat, packages and website on a single host


The chat, weblate and website services are currently on three separate VMs s1-2, s1-4, s1-2 respectively . I like this setup because you don’t have to worry about breaking a service while working on another. They could however conveniently co-exist on a single host and reduce the monthly costs by 15€ approximately.

I’m have been little conflicted about going in this direction (i.e. converging services on a single host). But this is a recurring request and I’ve done it a few times this year. And nothing really bad or inconvenient happened.

An additional benefit is to move the storage to an encrypted volume that can grow independently of the host.

If people have an opinion on this topic, now is a good time to speak :slight_smile:


chat.enough.community is in the process of being migrated

and the chat migration is complete :tada:

enough.community migration is complete

It will not be possible to migrate weblate because it needs a lot of memory (the celery workers use at least 1GB of RAM at all times).

packages.enough.community can migrate instead of weblate