Moving out of the cloud (mostly)


Now that libvirt can be used instead of OpenStack, I’m thinking about moving some of the services hosted at to a NUC to reduce the operating costs. A single VM with a VPN and a reverse proxy with a public IP would stay in OpenStack and the rest (approximately 32GB RAM + 500GB disk + not much CPU) could move to the NUC.

That should save around 100€ per month and a 1,000€ NUC would be paid for within a year.

How does that sound ?

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That’s 1,170€ total.

Since RAM is expensive at the moment and 32GB is ok, a I’ll get a cheaper configuration for 855€.

The machine was ordered, it should arrive in the next two weeks.

To be continued!

Hello @loic,

  1. Where do you plan to host NUC server ?
  2. Behind which Internet connection ?


At my home, with a fiber connection (Orange).

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