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Let’s consider a small newsroom (say, employing 1 to 7 investigative journalists):

  1. how much would cost to run Enough on OVH monthly?

  2. considering that investigative journalists might be monitored or targetted by 3 letters agencies, do you see any difference between an encrypted bare metal server and OVH in terms of information leaked (including meta-data) ?

Additionally, I’m considering to deploy Enough on OVH to test it and understand more. I went on the OVH page and I’ve got lost among the options. Do you have a step by step guide for dumb ones like me?

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Regarding 1, you can find an answer in About the funding category. @loic updated this thread each month.

I read somewhere that is an automated process.

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It depends on the use case. From 20€ to 100€ per month max.

If a journalist is targeted by government agencies they should not use anything in the cloud, even encrypted.

Not really. OVH has an ever changing interface that makes it very challenging to keep up :slight_smile: Here are the first steps:

  • and create an account
  • and create the project which involves depositing 12€ last time I checked
  • Click on the User and Roles menu to create a user after the project has been approved and is active
  • From to the … menu next to the user, click on “Download RC file” and save it as

From there you should be able to follow the instructions at

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I found documentation you need @dam:

Perhaps we can add a reference to this one in our documentation.

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