NextCloud app usability testing


Followup of previous usability tests


A person is able to anonymously send documents and communicate with another person.

  • A visitor to the leak page
    • trusts the receiver is the person they expect
    • sends one or more documents
    • gets confirmation that the document(s) were sent
    • initiates a text discussion with the receiver
  • A visitor to the leak page
    • creates an new test a leak platform associated with their e-mail
    • test the associated leak page
    • understands how to sort documents that are received anonymously
  • A person with a leak page advertises it


  • The participant is asked to explain
    • what they do
    • what leak platform they use
    • what leak platform they know about


  • About the Enough drop page
    This task should be done twice. First as a someone who wants to send documents anonymously. Then as somone who wants to receive documents anonymously.
    • Introduction: You found a link to the leak platform a journalist is using, on their home page. You click on the link to find out what it is about.
    • Task: Given this Enough drop page, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • About the Enough registration page
    • Introdcution: You click on the “Click here to create a new leak platform” link from the Enough drop page you just visited.
    • Task: Given the URL to a registration page to an Enough instance, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • Register
    • Introduction: You want to get your own leak platform, as proposed by the registration page.
    • Task: Perform registration steps and confirm your leak platform was created and is available. Describe what you see on the home page of your leak platform.
    • Expected steps:
      • Adding their email address to the registration
      • Checking their email
      • Click on the email confirmation link
      • Enter a username and password
      • View the Enough home page
      • Describe the content of the Enough home page
  • Test the leak platform
    • Introduction: You just created the leak platform and want to check it works.
    • Task: The Enough home page shows the drop link and explains its purpose. Follow the steps described in the page.
    • Expected steps:
      • Click on the drop link
      • Upload one file
      • Verify the file was uploaded by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation menu or by navigating the file application
  • Test the notification
    • Introduction: You will not be watching the folder in which leaks are going to be sent all the time. A mail notification is sent to you whenever that happens.
    • Task: Wait 1 minutes, check your inbox for a notification, and download the latest document that was sent.
    • Expected steps:
      • Check mail
      • Click on the link to go to the folder
      • Download the document
      • Open the document
  • Advertise the drop link
    • Introduction: You have verified the leak platform works and want to advertise it to potential sources can use it.
    • Task: Advertise the drop link on your home page / profile.
    • Expected steps:
      • Copy the drop link
      • Add the drop link to their homepage, public profile etc.