Nextcloud app usability testing


Followup of previous usability tests


A person is able to anonymously send documents and communicate with another person.

  • A visitor to the leak page
    • trusts the receiver is the person they expect
    • sends one or more documents
    • gets confirmation that the document(s) were sent
    • initiates a text discussion with the receiver
  • A visitor to the leak page
    • creates an new test a leak platform associated with their e-mail
    • test the associated leak page
    • understands how to sort documents that are received anonymously
  • A person with a leak page advertises it


  • The participant is asked to explain
    • what they do
    • what leak platform they use
    • what leak platform they know about


  • About the Enough drop page
    This task should be done twice. First as a someone who wants to send documents anonymously. Then as somone who wants to receive documents anonymously.
    • Introduction: You found a link to the leak platform a journalist is using, on their home page. You click on the link to find out what it is about.
    • Task: Given this Enough drop page, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • About the Enough registration page
    • Introdcution: You click on the “Click here to create a new leak platform” link from the Enough drop page you just visited.
    • Task: Given the URL to a registration page to an Enough instance, could you describe what you see and what it means?
  • Register
    • Introduction: You want to get your own leak platform, as proposed by the registration page.
    • Task: Perform registration steps and confirm your leak platform was created and is available. Describe what you see on the home page of your leak platform.
    • Expected steps:
      • Adding their email address to the registration
      • Checking their email
      • Click on the email confirmation link
      • Enter a username and password
      • View the Enough home page
      • Describe the content of the Enough home page
  • Test the leak platform
    • Introduction: You just created the leak platform and want to check it works.
    • Task: The Enough home page shows the drop link and explains its purpose. Follow the steps described in the page.
    • Expected steps:
      • Click on the drop link
      • Upload one file
      • Verify the file was uploaded by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation menu or by navigating the file application
  • Test the notification
    • Introduction: You will not be watching the folder in which leaks are going to be sent all the time. A mail notification is sent to you whenever that happens.
    • Task: Wait 1 minutes, check your inbox for a notification, and download the latest document that was sent.
    • Expected steps:
      • Check mail
      • Click on the link to go to the folder
      • Download the document
      • Open the document
  • Advertise the drop link
    • Introduction: You have verified the leak platform works and want to advertise it to potential sources can use it.
    • Task: Advertise the drop link on your home page / profile.
    • Expected steps:
      • Copy the drop link
      • Add the drop link to their homepage, public profile etc.


@veronika do you have usability feedback based on the presentation you did last month? Even if it’s a little fuzzy in your memory, it would be useful :slight_smile: Do you remember the top three things you stumbled on?


hey, feedback concerned mainly security issues - where are files stored, can administrators look at them, is there a built-in mechanism scanning for malware. in terms of interface, they seemed all pretty happy that it looks so familiar, and the drop link didn’t cause issues either. this is from the top of my head, if I remember more, I’ll let you know