Organisation and contact for the decentralized devroom @ FOSDEM 2019



TL;DR: my Signal number is +33 7 58 67 62 97, i’ll be in UD2.218A at 9:30am Saturday February 2nd, see you there!

FOSDEM 2019 is approaching fast and is looking good :slight_smile: Mails were sent to each speaker (both by @FOSDEM2019 and by the FOSDEM organizers) and none declined (so far!). The room allocated to the decentralized internet & privacy track is one of the largest (350+ seats) which is both a privilege and a challenge.

Nine of us filled the availability poll for Saturday 2nd (if you forgot, just update the following, or show up at the last minute: it’s never too late). Based on that I propose the following so there always are five of us at all times:

  • one to help the next speaker setup and collect the equipment when they are finished

  • one to operate the camera and make sure the audio and video are good

  • two posted outside at the two doors to kindly ask people not to enter when the room is full or have them enter only every other minute if there are too many people going in and out

  • one to deal with emergencies such as microphone breakage, connector failing, speaker missing etc.

  • 10:30am to 1pm @how, @agnes, @veronika, @Augier, @loic, @Aleks

  • 1pm to 3pm @pierre, @mandlkind, @veronika, @agnes, @loic, @realitygaps

  • 3pm to 6pm @Natouille, @how, @Siltaar, @Augier, @mandlkind

I’ll be in the room starting 9:30am to check the equipment with the FOSDEM organization, collect the staff t-shirts (I’ll get XXL for everyone so you can put them on top of your regular clothes but they can be exchanged if you wan to). It would be great if you could be there as well so we can get to know each other and discuss before the day begins.

I’ll be available at all times via Signal at +33 7 58 67 62 97 should you have any question or problem to report. For those who already have a Signal number for me note that this is a new one, the old one has been unregistered on purpose.



Augier and I are arriving on Friday night, so we will be there on Saturday morning.
Five all the time, does it mean that the rest of us can wander elsewhere while the conference is going on ? Or is it best if we stay put in the room ?


Yes! It would be exhausting to stay all day on duty. We would have no choice if there was only five of us. Luckily with nine volunteers we only have to block half a day, more or less :slight_smile:


Great, I wanted to see some conferences in the Open Source design :slight_smile:


We could take more volunteers, yes?

In this case we can reply-as-new-topic and put the topic in #uncategorized, so anyone can reply.


I would rather allow anyone to comment on this thread. What would be the problem in doing that?


@how, @mandlkind, @Natouille, @Siltaar could you please send a Hi to +33 7 58 67 62 97 via Signal so I have your number?

P.S. If you’d rather use something else, please let me know: I’m flexible.

Can't answer this topic (where I'm called to do something)

Sent a “Pouêt” to your number @loic.


@Aleks thanks for volunteering for the 10:30->1pm slot :slight_smile: It would be great if you could arrive a little earlier so we can figure out who’s doing what.


FYI, on Friday afternoon we have a Librehosters meeting, after which I plan to bring some people home and have dinner, and a beer at Le Barboteur before heading to Fukami’s party. Wanna join? Signal me.


Yes :wink: I can try to be there around 10:00 I think

Too bad I can’t be there ! I would have loved talking with you guys (though I’m quite shy when it comes to talking to new people :sweat_smile: )


Dear co-conspirators and co-organizers,

I’m on my way to Brussels now and in touch with each of you. Should you have a problem don’t hesitate to reach out to or +33 7 58 67 62 97 via Silence or Signal.

The first talk of the morning was canceled a few minutes ago which is unfortunate. The good news is that we can go crazy with wild ideas during the first half hour, for the benefit of the people who will show up :slight_smile:

Here is one idea: we ask people who enter the room to write their wildest dream about decentralized internet or privacy or both on the board. It will stay on display all day.

What do you think?



So sorry for Vittorio.

Let’s meet in the morning and improvise!