OTF Submission


OTF is accepting submissions for their Internet Freedom Fund until March 1 !


I am preparing a submission here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/HWmuzRvTivpN

Please feel free to comment, edit, support, ask etc.


IIRC there also are fellowships. It would be a good fit since Enough is a decentralized community of individuals with no structure :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks ! Can’t find IIRC though, would you happen to have a link ?

Also, I was suggesting to apply to OTF for “institutional” funding, meaning to also consider travel costs and of course support for any other member of the community who would like to dedicate more time to work on this. The way I see it, this doesn’t necessarily contradict the spirit of a decentralized community. What do you think ?


Ok sorry, internet slang, I am just not used to it. forgive my ignorance.

But yes, there are fellowships, though nothing fitting for the time being as I see it. The one above is open to both individuals as well as organizations. Happy to apply as an individual, but I thought I’d open the debate :slight_smile:


Sorry for the slang, bad habit :slight_smile:


I think it would work, it just occurred to me the fellowship would be an easier way. But that should also be fine :slight_smile:

You would have a better chance as an individual, but that’s my strictly non-expert opinion.