Outgoing mail configuration



I got the credentials to configure the https://drop.ouvre-boite.org/ outgoing mail and successfully sent a test email:

From: Ouvre-boîte 
To: loic@dachary.org

Well done, admin!

If you received this email, the email configuration seems to be correct.

Ouvre-boîte - Libérons les documents de l'administration
This is an automatically sent email, please do not reply.

We are in bizness :slight_smile:


I have set the email of the admin user to contact@ouvre-boite.org, is it ok?


Unfortunately, no. To avoid spam we have only 1 email address (“ouvrez-moi” to send requests to the administration) and 3 redirections :

  • “ca” for messages concerning the Conseil d’Administration, only used for administrative tasks
  • “membres” to reach everybody
  • “maitre-des-ordinateurs” for technical issues


I’ll use this one then, since it is likely to only be about technical glitches. :+1: A test mail was sent to this address right now.