Pentabarf registration & permissions



@how, @Siltaar, @Natouille, @pierre could you please let me know what is your pentabarf account? I’ll check with the organizers to make sure you’re granted permissions to the review page so we can collectively start to process incoming submissions :tada:



Mine is ‘how’, like here.


@how would you like me to invite egrasmed here or did you already?


No I didn’t. I don’t know their email.


Invitation sent via mastodon:


Here are my login and email for FOSDEM Pentabarf : Simon D. -


Thanks for the invitation, y’all. (I’m the aforementioned egrasmed]. My login for the fosdem pentabarf is “emgrasmed”,


My account is Natouille and the interface killed me :joy:


@how you should now have access to now, do you confirm?


@emgrasmeder welcome on board :slight_smile:


@emgrasmeder @Natouille @Siltaar you should have received a copy of the mail sent to grant you permissions to pentabarf. Such a joyful user interface, it would be a shame to miss it :wink:


@emgrasmeder @Natouille @Siltaar you should now have access to Pentabarf, please let me know if you have issues.


Wow, I see all rooms :joy:


Yes. You need to select “Decentralized Internet” with the drop down menu to only see the relevant submissions.


Noticed that. Just think it’s… ok, I will stop with the funky interface


Yeah, this is a pile of shit interface shows all the defects of “designed by a programmer”, first of which is the WTF factor: where is this? What is that? Etc. How are we supposed to discuss the entries? (moved proposal there)


I see we also have access to other reviews… Are we supposed to chime in there as well? There are a few ones where I want to shout out :slight_smile:


I think the idea is to refrain from looking at other submissions (i.e. submissions outside of the Decentralized Internet & Privacy track), as if we did not have access to it.