Persistent data and Docker containers



With OpenStack hosts persistent data (forum database, chat database, Nextcloud data base and files etc.) are stored in subdirectories of /srv or /opt. The hosts that have persistent data are in the pets group and backup daily. All services that rely on persistent data run from Docker containers which bind mount the /srv or /opt directories so the persistent data does not disappear when the container is destroyed.

When the OpenStack hosts are replaced with Docker, the containers that run the services relying on persistent data are running on the same host and bind mount from the same file system. This introduces an additional constraint: bind mounted directories must be unique across all services because they are no longer relative to the Enough host, they are bind mounted from the Docker host.

By unifying the persistent storage used by services running from Docker to include the unique name of the host, there should be no conflict. And by placing all those directories in /opt/enough/{{ domain }} in the Docker host, multiple Enough instances can be run from the same host.

Is there something missing?

Any objection?