Promoting the Call for Participation



This is a wiki post to collect the publicly available URLs promoting the Call for Participation.

Edit at will !


@Siltaar your tweet was added for the record. And retweeted by F. Couchet.

About the Decentralized Internet & Privacy category

I sent the info to GNUnet developers (probably sva ♀ would come to present it.)

Also pinged Laura ♀at since they’ve been working on


About the call itself (meaning the page of the call) : can’t we have a better lookking page ?
We want to work on diversity but these kind of pages sound “in between Unix nerds only”.
I mean : it’s old look, it’s hard to read (titles ? Bulet points ?).

I asked around “what do you think of the page (look only, not content)”, here are some answers (mostly developers) :

I don’t understand the page, its structure. The font is too small, I don’t understand what I’m reading.

A browser is not the best tool for a mailing list : it is quite illegible in general (unlike via thunderbird). (And here, there are no answers)

there are next and previous buttons, which does not make sense as this is not an email conversation

It looks like they are 5 years late

And my favorite below :smile:

Well, a blank page with a lot of text written small in black, it stinks
It’s a mailing list, I hope to find an insult of Linus Torvalds or a humor trait from Richard Stallman

Can we do something like Open Source Design did ?


If you’re talking about the mailing list entry, yes, it’s a plain log. So go ahead and create a topic! You can probably copy-paste the original post as a starter: Call for Participation

@loic, once @Natouille has created the post you might want to create a permalink fosdem-2019-cfp to that topic.



Is that ok with everyone ?


@loic can you set up the permalink so we can transmit that?


I would if I knew how to do that. Is there a documentation somewhere? Sorry for being so ignorant :slight_smile:


Admin > Customize > Permalinks

Then you put the permalink, and the associated topic. No / required.


thanks that’s a feature I did not know, very cool :slight_smile:

is now active!


I posted it on twitter too


Great! What’s the URL so we keep it for posterity?



Il nous reste trois jours avant la fermeture officielle du CFP, il serait bon d’ores et déjà d’entamer une première revue afin de ne pas crouler sous l’avalanche des propositions de dernière minute. L’ensemble des 24 propositions valides sont disponibles dans #events:review-fosdem-2019 pour les membres du steering committee.

Si nous voulons prolonger l’appel, nous pouvons également utiliser les propositions déjà fournies pour remplir un peu l’agenda. Cela motivera sans doute les retardataires à soumettre au plus vite en raison du manque de places disponibles.


Tooted right now