Qubes first hand experience


I don’t have much experience with Qubes and would be very interested to hear from people who actually used it.


Hi Loic, I’m using Qubes since a couple of years now and I’m typing this message on it.

All I can tell you is that I love it. Beside the obvious reasons it has a beneficial side effect: it helps focusing on one topic at the time.

I split software in different machines accordingly to the risks they bring and the network they should be attached to. So for instance the email qube deals just with emails, the chat qube just with chat software etc.
Due to the fact that I can’t run all the virtual machines I have at the same time, I need to make choices on leave off those that I don’t need.

The only “big” downside I’ve found so far is that I can’t work with adb on the android I connect to. I’m sure there is a work-around or some settings that could fix this but for now it’s easier to use the other notebook.

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It’s great to hear! Would you be willing to help a journalist using Qubes 3 and willing to migrate to Qube 4?

I’m definitely willing. What I don’t know is when.

Maybe you and I can have a chat or a call?

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