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A small non-profit organization with less than five full time employees and less than ten people on staff is looking for professional services to maintain its technical infrastructure. The mission of the non-profit requires handling confidential material and special attention must be taken to ensure the documents and communications are properly secured. The staff needs training on these matters on a regular basis. The Enough blog posts regarding videoconferencing, intermediaries and malwares provide more context on this matter.

The part of the infrastructure for which a quote is requested is as follows:

  • Online services based on Enough
    • Level one assistance to users (see this forum category for examples)
    • Maintenance and upgrades
  • GNU/Linux based workstations
    • Level one assistance to users (see this forum category for examples)
    • Acquisition, installation (less than 5 a year)
    • Staff training (less than 5 a year)
  • On premise installation and maintenance
    • Workstations backups
    • Disaster recovery (twice in 2020)
    • Acquisition and installation of printer, WiFi, router, backups

I currently provide a similar service for the benefit of the Maison des Lanceurs d’Alerte on a volunteer basis and I evaluate the time I spend for each topic as follows (±20%):

  • Online services: 16h / month
  • GNU/Linux based workstations: 8h / month
  • On premise installation and maintenance: 8h / month

I’m available to discuss the details in private.


There was no followup. I sent direct requests to 5 companies / freelance. Let see if that triggers more interest.

Requests were sent today to:

Requests were sent in the past week to:

To be continued

Hello, I’m from Worteks, I answered to @loic, we are not providing level one assistance for users.

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For the record I asked today if anyone is interested on irc.freenode.net#frsag the IRC channel of https://frsag.org/

Requests were sent today to members of April as they presumably have Free Software related skills.