Rejection Template


Let’s plan for rejection letters, since it will happen, and there’s nothing more frustrating than receiving a rejection letter without any information on why the proposal was rejected – which happens a lot, when one receives a letter at all. I think it’s part of normal courtesy to let people know the reasons why their proposal were rejected, and that too often conferences skip this step. Preparing for it avoids losing it during the rush.

Dear $submitter,

thank you for proposing ‘$submission_title’ at the Decentralized Internet & Privacy devroom.

Unfortunately the program committee decided to reject your proposal for this year.


Thank you $goodbye.

A number of reasons should be prepared as well so that the rejection process is not too heavy. For example:

  • off-topic
  • we can see it in another devroom
  • other proposals integrate better together
  • etc.


Once we have established a rationale for selecting the proposals (which we will do after November 26th, based on what we have), we should write it down as clearly as possible. For ourselves, of course, but also to include in all the rejection message. Does that sound sensible?