Setup CiviCRM as a replacement for HelloAsso

That could be a good mission to offer to a person with technical abilities who would like to volunteer for Maison des Lanceurs d’Alerte :smiley:
The timing is likely to be good if we can start something like this when we go back to work in September. Later could be good aswell.
I’m not sure the services proposed by HelloAsso are sufficient : for instance do they enable reminders for membership renewal ?

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In the past months we had many internal discussions about CiviCRM and they were inconclusive. The incentive for an organization already using HelloAsso is independence but the maintenance cost and the learning curve are perceived as too high.

Assuming someone technical is willing to learn CiviCRM and has no prior knowledge, it is estimated at approximately 4 weeks full time over a period of six months before they are able to resolve all problems and make the right choices. The migration time to switch from HelloAsso to CiviCRM is estimated at two weeks full time over a period of two months if done properly by someone with prior CiviCRM knowledge.

The maintenance cost is likely to be two days a year (including answering internal support requests, downtime, updating the payment system interface) and around 10€/month in server hosting. It is estimated that HelloAsso costs around 100€/month to the MLA. This is based on the analysis all receipts between November 2018 and March 2020 and is made difficult because HelloAsso does not provide an easy access to this information.


Is it literally the cost or a some-kind-of-profit HelloAsso makes with MLA activities (with donations that are made at the same time as those to the MLA for instance) ?

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It is donations that are piggybacked by HelloAsso when the MLA campaigns. If MLA does not campaign, there is no money going to HelloAsso. The MLA also promotes HelloAsso to every person making a donation: this is a hidden cost for which the MLA is not compensated and that benefits HelloAsso.

It is easier to calculate these costs than in the case of Facebook and Google but it eventually is the same logic. HelloAsso does not provide a service for free. They provide a service and are paid in marketing and donations.

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