Should this category be public?


Given that the contents of this category start being quite interesting, I’m wondering whether it should be readable by the public. I don’t want to open it entirely: we’re here to prepare a round table, not to die under bikeshedding, but it would be interesting, as this is a collective process, to allow interested people to see what’s going on – they can still comment via the Fediverse.

  • I’m fine with the category being public right now
  • I’m fine with the category being public when we’re done
  • I’m fine with the category being public after FOSDEM
  • I think this should not be public

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OK, so I was expecting more voters to satisfy that this is a collective project. As the poll is now closed, we can proceed to move this discussion to a more public space. The nice people at seem to be fine in hosting it. Waiting for their approval. In the meantime, I will change the permissions of this category so that the public can read it.

We’re still waiting for @cwebber to show up, but as we’re decentralized, we can start without him. I was surprised to see the last SocialCG meeting not happening although the people involving in the main (and sole) agenda point were present on the #social IRC channel in Internet Relay Chat server.


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