Signal no longer works and requires an upgrade

What should I do when Signal no longer works and requires an upgrade ? I tried to download from the danger zone but it does nothing.

When you download a file on LineageOS, it ends up in the Downloads directory. And if you try to download it again, it may fail to notify you that it already is present and appear as if it silently failed. You can navigate to the Downloads directory using the Files application:


And tap on the latest Signal file to install the upgrade and recover your ability to use Signal.

However, this only happens if the upgrade requests from Signal are ignored or discarded for an extended period of time. Say, for instance, that you installed version 4.72.5 in September 2020 and never upgraded. A few months later, in January 2021, Signal will cease to function as a security precaution and you will need to manually upgrade.

It is strongly advised to upgrade on a regular basis. Maybe not every time Signal asks you to but without waiting for months because:

  • Newer versions contain security fixes that are important for the confidentiality of your conversations
  • Manually upgrading is more risky than automated upgrades