Spaced repetition / flash cards service


It looks like openedX does not support spaced repetition. Since this is an essential part of the one-on-one training, I’m looking for an online tool that would help.

It can be done manually if nothing convenient is found, but that’s going to be tedious :sweat_smile:


loic@raise:~$ apt-cache search flash | grep -i card
anki - extensible flashcard learning program
granule - flashcard program for learning new words
granule-docs - flashcard program for learning new words -- documentation
kwordquiz - flashcard learning program
mnemosyne - spaced repetition flash-card program

Now I remember a friend recommending Anki.

Each card can be defined in a .txt file with two fields that can contain URLs and then imported in Anki decks. The first field could be the permalink to the MOOC exercize and nothing for the back of the card because the MOOC has the answer.

I just learned what is a flashcard and a spaced-repetition :sweat_smile:, thanks @loic !

On my side, I use a lot Mind mapping with Freeplane since several years.

I know there are some web based softwares that can be used to draw such cards like Wisemapping (upstream software behind Framamindmap) but I never used it.

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