Testing Enough 3.0.0 from source

While working on the bookworm upgrade PR, it is possible to test it manually as follows. Within the source tree:

$ version=3.0.0 ; rm -f inventory/hosts.yml inventory/group_vars/all/clouds.yml ; perl -pi -e "s/^version.*/version = $version/" setup.cfg ; for i in 1 2 ; do python setup.py sdist ; amend=$(git log -1 --oneline | grep --quiet "version $version" && echo --amend) ; git commit $amend -m "version $version" ChangeLog setup.cfg ; git tag -a -f -m "version $version" $version ; done
$ python -m enough.internal.cmd build image
$ eval "$(docker run --rm enough:3.0.0 install | sed -e 's|enoughcommunity/||')"
$ enough --version
enough 3.0.0