The cost of maintaining an Enough instance


Yesterday I discussed with someone working for a company specialized in providing paid services such as maintaining an infrastructure for small companies or non profit organizations (such as, or He mentioned a non-profit that had approximately ten people on staff and two dozens others contributing occasionally. Very much similar to an Enough instance, they have mail instead of forum, OnlyOffice with Nextcloud, pad, WordPress etc. The cost of running the infrastructure, including hosting, maintenance and software upgrades is around 700 € per month.

This is much too expensive for a non-profit that has no employees, but it starts to make sense for a non-profit with a few employees and / or a budget that is at least 10 times that amount. Dedicating 10% of the total budget to technical topics does not strike me as a bad choice. However I’ve seen organizations with 50 people on the payroll and struggling to figure out how to spend 100€ for a backup :slight_smile:

When I get the time I’ll ask these companies how much they would charge to maintain an Enough instance. It takes a few hours to figure that out and maybe they are otherwise busy. But it’s worth a shot. If anyone has an idea, I’ll take it!


A request for quote will hopefully shed some light on the topic.